A New Home for Stevie…the TV

By | January 8, 2015

One of our home goals for the year was to find a new TV stand. You already know we didn’t be crossing every item off our list this year because the kitchen project really took up a lot more time than we had planned. You can read that recap here. But, after several online searches, we finally found a piece we could agree on.

From Target of course.

TV Stand Snip

It arrived just in time for our Christmas party, but some assembly was required.

New TV stand box

But here is the final result:

Christmas Decor TV Corner

This particular design was nice because it felt less boxy and more modern since it had metal legs that hold it up off the floor. However, that also presented a challenge because there was no way to hide all the cords and cables that run from the back of the TV components.

So, Wyatt came up with a cool solution,¬†which he’ll tell you about in a separate post.

Anyway, now we’re enjoying Stevie’s new home. We like it a lot better than the old Wal-Mart special we had before.

Old Cheap TV Stand

Oh, and for those that don’t know who Stevie is, you’re welcome. (Language warning at the very end.)

Alright, now that you know Stevie, do you name pieces of furniture in your home?

Also, what kind of TV stand do you use? Or do you have your TV mounted on the wall? We have a kit in our basement we have never used…but I like the idea of them…maybe we can do that in the basement one day?


4 thoughts on “A New Home for Stevie…the TV

  1. Katie Ochs

    Looks great, Melissa. I love shopping at Target for home decor pieces and furniture. Such great styles and prices.