A Few New Plates

By | March 4, 2016

If you’re a very, very observant reader, you would have noticed a slight update in my last post about our new potted plants. I’ll show you again:

New Potted Plants Feb 16

Catch it?

How about now?

DIY Kitchen Plate Wall Finished 6  Kitchen Plate Wall Update 8

Good eye! I updated the plate wall a little bit. (Of course, the title of this post should have given you a pretty big clue.)

For the how-to on our original plate wall post, click here. I talk about how I made DIY invisible plate hangers and other cool tricks.

DIY Invisible Plate Hangers  Disc Plate Hanger

And, as a side note, this is one of the trickiest places in the house to photograph. It’s either way too bright, or way too dark. I need to keep practicing. Just trust me that it looks even better in person, okay?

I grabbed a cute little square white and blue Target clearance plate a few weeks ago.

Kitchen Plate Wall Update 3

I also got a couple sweet initial plates from my friend Elizabeth as a Christmas gift so I had to get them added, which meant a bit of rearranging.

Kitchen Plate Wall Update 4

I also ended up spray painting a few of my existing ones to change the colors a little bit. I would like to keep switching a few of these out as a find replacements but they aren’t as easy to come by at thrift shops as you might think. I like that it can be sort of organic and grow and change with my mood and current color choices.

Kitchen Plate Wall Update 5

The hardest part is trying to arrange it without making more holes in the wall for nails…but as long as they are covered, I guess it’s okay. (Wyatt won’t get angry unless we have to fill them and repaint the wall. Out of sight, out of mind, right?)

Kitchen Plate Wall Update 2

The difference is subtle, for sure, but I like it. I’m still not totally happy with my selection and admit I’ve even considered going all white. Which are your least favorites?

Kitchen Plate Wall Update


Which are your favorites?

Kitchen Plate Wall Update 6

And be honest, did you notice the difference before I told you? (It’s okay if not, but you’ll get a bunch of bonus points if you did!)

2 thoughts on “A Few New Plates

  1. Grandma Donita

    I like the splashes of color. My fav is the one on the bottom left between the 2 large yellow ones. I admit i did not notice.

  2. mom

    favorites are: pancakes, pig, flowery/lacey ones, but the plainer ones are good to balance it all out. I “thought” it looked different the other day, but couldn’t have told you which ones….I like that you keep switching it up!


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