A Few Little Things…

By | September 18, 2015

Life has been a little quiet in the progress department lately….I wonder why?

However, I do have a few little updates to share, so today I’ve got a quick little post to keep you guys caught up on some little things.

First of all, I picked up a cute new rug for our kitchen, from Target, of course.

new kitchen rug 2

The little coffee cup design is perfect for in front of our little coffee bar area and I’m liking how plush it is on my usually bare feet. However, the reason I grabbed it was because we needed something that wouldn’t slide all over the floor as we go in and out that door to the garage…which we do a lot. Wyatt almost tripped one day while carrying Will’s car seat and I decided it wasn’t worth a cute rug to have a squished baby, or husband….as Will would probably be fine since he would be protected by the car seat.new kitchen rug

Which reminds me, replacing that door is probably going to have to be on the list of goals for next year. I don’t know how much longer I can stand to look at it.

That means the rug that was previously in this spot is over by the door to the deck for now. I still need to figure out something for the back to make it stay in one place on the floor. I’m nervous about using shelf liner because I’ve heard it might discolor the wood floors. Anyone have insight on that?

old kitchen rug

Another little thing that’s in progress is a huge closet clean-out. I’ve found that even though I’m pretty much back to pre-baby weight, my body is just shaped differently and a lot of clothes don’t fit the same way they did before. So, time to purge. My goal is to only have clothes in my closet I really like and that fit me well..no need to keep things if I’m not going to ever wear them again. So far, I’ve removed five big bag fulls. I’m embarrassed to say I still have plenty of clothes to wear…and more I should/could get rid of!

.Cleaned out closet

Anyone have suggestions on the best place to try and sell some of these? A lot of them are like new items I’ve barely ever worn.

Last, but not least, we got a new freezer for our basement, and while that might not seem exciting to most of you, if you knew what I was dealing with before, you’d be jumping for joy like I am. Just look at how full our upstairs freezer was.

full upstairs freezer

And that was nothing compared to downstairs. I’ve been blessed with the challenge of an abundance of milk…which means I need somewhere to store it. Between that and the beef from our family farms, our freezer downstairs was literally a block of frozen food…no more room for a single item!

full basement freezer

Thankfully, we were able to upgrade to twice as much freezer space. It’s massive, and maybe a bit overkill, but it was the best value at the store and I’m glad we chose it.

basement freezers new basement freezer

The inside is so organized now and I’m so so so thankful I don’t have to remove a gazillion items to find one thing.

new basement freezer inside 2  new basement freezer inside

Hallelujah, indeed!

Although, I’m not celebrating when I consider the amount of time it’s going to take me to clean out that storage room one of these days. YIKES! Oh, and we have a small chest freezer for sale if anyone is interested…

basement storage room mess

 There is my update for this rainy Friday. What are you up to?

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