A Cute Place for Coats

By | November 7, 2014

While we’ve been in the middle of our giant flooring project (2 big rooms and 2 hallways, plus doorways and more is a lot of square feet of new flooring!), I took the opportunity to paint the inside of the coat closet.

Lots of Coats in Closet

We hadn’t touched it since moving in and there were scuffs everywhere in the dull beige paint. I did organize it earlier this year, but it still needed a refresher.

Coat Closet Clean Out

Plus, I hadn’t painted the trim white. We had just painted what was visible with the door closed (we were in a hurry and tired by that point!) You can see the brown trim peeking out in the photo above.

So, I got to work painting the trim with three coats of the paint+primer we used on the rest of the trim. For the bulk of the trim, we used a specific primer because we had so much to paint and I didn’t want to waste the more expensive paint. But this was just a small space and I knew it wouldn’t take that much. I was lazy and didn’t want to carry the giant bucket of primer nor wash my brush out an extra time.

It won’t show that much since it’s inside the closet and it turned out just fine.

Painting Trim in Coat Closet

Keep in mind, there’s no need to be that neat if you’re going to paint the walls, too.

Painting Trim in Coat Closet 2

Then, it was time to choose a color. My first thought was to just paint the inside a light gray (the same color we painted the inside of our walk-in closet in the master bedroom. But when I went downstairs to grab the paint, I saw an aqua color I had grabbed for super cheap as a misprint.

And I decided, if you can’t have a little fun with the color on the inside of your closets, where can you, right? Plus, Wyatt would be happy I was actually using a misprinted paint I had bought! (They are a weakness of mine!)

Painting Coat Closet 2

So, a few coats later, we had a blue closet, at least on the bottom. I thought about painting the top the same color, with the white shelf boards breaking up the two spaces, but I was also worried the darker color would make the already dark closet even darker.

Painting Coat Closet

Then, Wyatt suggested painting the top a lighter color, maybe the gray I had planned to use for the whole thing. Then, I thought, why not just use the same white color I’d used for the trim?

I think it turned out super fun. Much brighter and fresher, too. Plus, Wyatt said he could add a light in there for me someday, which would be so nice to be able to see things in more light!

Painted Coat Closet

And even though we haven’t moved into the space yet, it was good to get this done before we had the floor in there so I wouldn’t drip on the new wood floor.

So, there’s a quick little update hardly anyone will see since it’s inside the coat closet. Do you think it was worth it? I sometimes hesitate for jobs like this but in the end, I’m glad it’s done!

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  1. katdes

    So cute! You should post a picture of it full of stuff again so we can see how much color is visible 🙂


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