A Couple Kitchen Changes

By | June 8, 2016

I know, I know. I just made a big deal about how our kitchen is finally done. Go see the recap, here! But, we’re never really totally done, right? To be fair, the most recent updates are pretty darn small. And, to be honest while we’re being fair, small changes are all we have time for these days!

One of those changes was a fresh coat of paint on our spray painted trashcan. (Read more about that, here, including why we did it.)

We ended up going with a lime green this time and let’s just say, it’s bright.

Neon green spray painted kitchen nook trash can 2

Wyatt thinks it’s too bright. I’m not sure what to think at this point. But it’s just spray paint that we had on hand, we can repaint it in an afternoon if we decide we don’t like it.

It was supposed to be more green…but this is very yellowy neon.

Neon green spray painted kitchen nook trash can

I also painted a few of our plates on the plate wall white to make it a little lighter and brighter.

updated plate wall in kitchen 6

And, I rearranged and added a couple new ones, taking out a couple old ones. I like this toned down version a lot more than the original one. I realize the change is subtle, but for me, it was worth it. I also like the layered look of the smaller plates on top of the larger ones.

updated plate wall in kitchen layered 2

(For a recap of how I created this plate wall originally, including my DIY hidden plate hangers, click here.)

It’s a challenge to rearrange while adding as few new nail holes as possible. All while making sure to cover up and of the old ones, but if I ever completely redecorate, Wyatt’s going to throw a bit about all the nails in this corner. In fact, he said the wall will start to fall down if I’m not careful.

That’s a big exaggeration. I’d need to redo this wall 100 more times before the drywall would fall apart.

I hope.

updated plate wall in kitchen layered

Here’s the comparison shot from the first version to the current version:

DIY Kitchen Plate Wall Finished 6 updated plate wall in kitchen 4

Overall, the room is still considered “done” but I’m always changing little details to suit my mood. I think that’s part of the fun. And, since we aren’t tackling any big projects at the moment, it helps curb my appetite for projects, which makes Wyatt happy.

updated plate wall in kitchen

Do you update your rooms all the time, too? Or is that just me?

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