An Ikea Hack for Houseplants

By | October 19, 2016

One of my projects this weekend was to replant several of my houseplants that were overgrown and in need of some fresh root space. And, I got to create a fun Ikea hack while I was at it.


Flower pots are always one of the worst things for me to pick out at the store. For one thing, they are all expensive. Or ugly. Or both. Or maybe not ugly, but just overly decorative. I had been looking for something simple, white, and affordable.

So, when I saw these super cheap Ikea trash cans on our most-recent trip to Ikea, I grabbed three of them (should have gotten more!) with the intention of turning them into flower pots.


Since these were trashcans, I needed to drill some holes in the bottom of them. We drilled like 11-12 tiny holes in the bottom of each one to allow for drainage without a ton of water spillage if I over water.

On Sunday, I was able to take advantage of the warm weather and even do the repotting outside on the deck instead of inside. I’ve learned from experience that indoor gardening is a bit messy. I’ve talked about repotting plants, HERE.

Basically, you need to loosen the dirt from the sides of the pot, then gently invert and catch the plant and as much dirt as you can in one hand while lifting off the pot. Then the whole thing gets placed in its new home.

As a reminder, this is what the snake plant looked like 9 months ago.


I also grabbed a pack of these simple cork trivets from Ikea to use to absorb any water that happened to drip or seep out. They were $3.99 for a three-pack, which is also very affordable.


Then, from the basement, I grabbed two tiered drink stands I picked up on clearance at Target like 2 years ago (and have used as drink stands about three times since then) and used them as stools to I’d have some height variance. Now, my plants are looking a lot more dressed up.

I had a little trouble deciding on an arrangement. I will probably switch it up in there as I get the final furniture layout figured out.

replanted-houseplants-ikea-hack-flower-pots replanted-houseplants-ikea-hack-flower-pots-2

Oh, and I added a fun rose-gold giraffe to the party. Because… yes.


I’ll be back to talk more about those soon.

The white Ikea hack trashcan to flower pot project turned out super well, though. I like the simple look compared to what I had before.

plants in office

Even when I add in the rolling cart with all my little cactus babies, it’s less cluttered looking.


I actually think they are better individually, so I’d like to spread them out around the house. They do make me happy in my office, and it’s convenient for watering, though. I’m just not really going for the jungle look in there, if you know what I mean.


So, there is my office plant update…which reminds me that I own you all an update on our goals for the year. But let’s just say I’m doing okay on the goal to end the year with more plants than I started with…assuming they don’t all die between now and Christmas!

Now, you tell me what arrangement of pots you like best, or maybe suggestions of other rooms I can put these in where they’ll be safe from Will knocking them over and spreading dirt everywhere?

And, you can see how tiny these guys were when I brought them home, HERE.

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